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Arya is an AI recruiting software solution offered by Leoforce. It is a suite of products designed to help companies with their hiring needs. Arya Quantum is a powerful sourcing and scoring solution that integrates with an ATS, while Arya Fusion is a standalone recruiting solution aimed at improving recruiter productivity. Arya Pulse is a low-cost on-demand staffing service tailored for growing businesses, and Arya Concierge provides a white-glove recruiting service for strategic roles. Arya offers solutions by industry, role, and company, and focuses on outcomes like candidate pipeline, compatibility, diversity, direct sourcing, tech integrations, and market intelligence. Arya also provides resources like whitepapers, guides, webinars, and a blog. The company offers partnerships with integration and affiliate partners and has support available through FAQs and contact options. Additionally, Leoforce offers policy information related to privacy and data protection, terms of use, and transparency in coverage.


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