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Replit is a powerful, collaborative IDE that allows you to build software from anywhere in the world, on any device, without spending a second on setup. With a community of 18 million software creators building on Replit, you can share, learn from, and remix the work of top builders around the world. Replit allows you to instantly start and rapidly develop projects in any programming language or framework, with zero setup required. All your projects are instantly live, with zero setup deployment and custom domains, making it easy to share your work with the world. To power up your projects, Replit offers AI assistance to accelerate your coding. Ghostwriter, Replit's in-browser coding AI, uses AI to help you write better code, faster. With Ghostwriter, you can generate functions and files, eliminate repetitive boilerplate code, code faster with suggestions, and refactor and transform code. Ghostwriter also allows you to view easy-to-understand explanations of code, so you can get unstuck and take your project to the next level.


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