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Hey, GitHub! is an AI code assistant that allows you to write code without the need for a keyboard. It is perfect for those who have difficulty typing or for those who want to use their voice to code. The AI, GitHub Copilot, allows you to talk with the AI and spell out your intent in natural language. It will then generate a code snippet for you, and if you don't like it, you can ask for a change in plain English. Hey, GitHub! also has features such as returning a boolean, editing code, and code navigation. You can ask Hey, GitHub! to go to line 34, go to method X, or go to the next block. It also allows you to control the IDE by using commands such as "Toggle zen mode" or "run the program." Finally, Hey, GitHub! has a code summarization feature that allows you to ask the AI to explain lines 3-10 and get a summary of what the code does.



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