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ParagraphAI is the #1 AI Writing Assistant App and Keyboard for iOS, Android, and Chrome. It is an AI writing software that generates high-quality content and ensures that any written communication is free of incorrect spelling, grammatical errors, and other imperfections. It can be used to write paragraphs, emails, lists, articles, translations, blog posts, ad copy, product descriptions, technical manuals, song lyrics & poetry, reports, newsletters, a story, social media posts, tweets, hashtags, corporate communications, SEO-friendly content, press releases, messages, presentations, speeches, scripts, cover letters, bios, news reports, website content, sales proposals, real estate listings, resumes, and essays. The tool is trusted by people at Amazon, MIT, Uber, Oracle, Harvard, Samsung, Pepsi, and more. It is secure and can be canceled anytime without penalty or hidden fees. The platform offers a no-commitment plan for limited personal use, and higher usage requires payment plans. The company values morals over money and takes misuse of the platform seriously, removing access for users who manipulate it unethically or harmfully.



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