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"Magicreach" is a powerful Chrome Extension that allows sales reps to personalize their emails quickly and efficiently. It helps reps research their prospects faster, gather and organize data from over 20+ data sources, and generate personalized icebreakers that get replies. With the upcoming "Reach Triggers," reps will also be notified when something relevant happens, allowing them to reach out to leads at the right time with the right message. Magicreach integrates seamlessly with SalesLoft and other favorite tools, enabling a frictionless workflow. The AI-based icebreaker suggestions are based on the most relevant data, making it easy to personalize and craft meaningful copy. Magicreach has been praised by teams for facilitating a significant increase in the number of emails opened by prospects and the response rate to those emails. With Magicreach, reps can save hours each week on manual personalization and focus on what matters most, making meaningful connections with prospects.



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