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LeetCode is a website that offers a range of resources to help individuals improve their coding skills. With over 2700 questions available to practice, users can enhance their knowledge and prepare for technical interviews. LeetCode also provides a well-organized tool called Explore, which provides structure to guide users towards the next step in their programming career. One of the most significant features of LeetCode is its community, with hundreds of thousands of active users, providing a platform for candidates to participate in contests and challenge themselves to earn rewards. LeetCode is not only for candidates but also offers business opportunities for companies to identify top technical talent by sponsoring contests, providing online assessments and training. At its core, LeetCode is about developers, and it supports 14 popular coding languages. LeetCode also offers powerful development tools such as Playground, an online platform that allows you to test, debug and write your projects. The website is based in San Francisco and has a mission to help individuals improve themselves and land their dream job. Users have landed jobs at some of the top companies worldwide, thanks to the repository of interview resources available on LeetCode. If you are passionate about coding and tackling interesting problems, LeetCode is the perfect platform for you.



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