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Codewars is a website designed to help developers improve their coding skills and challenge themselves to continuously improve. The site features a Dojo where developers can complete challenging kata to earn honor and rank up on leaderboards. The site also offers the ability to learn about different aspects of coding through its documentation, as well as explore career opportunities in software development. Codewars is not just for developers, it also has educational resources for educators and partnerships with boot camps to jumpstart development careers. The site also offers missions beyond kata challenges to challenge developers to go beyond their comfort zone. One of the most unique features of Codewars is the ability to create your own kata and challenge the community, and compare your solution with others for greater understanding. The site has a robust community with over 1 million kata completed every month, allowing users to tap into the collective wisdom of skilled developers from around the world. Codewars supports over 55 programming languages and offers the ability to compete with peers, building self-confidence and pushing you to your limits. The site also offers mentorship opportunities for users to lend their expertise to others indirectly through great solutions or directly through creating their own kata and reviewing code. Overall, Codewars is an outstanding website for developers to improve their coding skills, providing challenging kata and a supportive community to help them reach their fullest potential.



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