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"Runwayml" is a creative suite that utilizes AI as a collaborator for generating and editing content. It offers over 30 AI Magic Tools, including Text to Image, Erase and Replace, AI Training, Text to Color Grade, Super-Slow Motion, Image to Image, Infinite Image, Frame Interpolation, Green Screen, Inpainting, and Motion Tracking. Its video editing features allow for the fastest video editing experience, while research and development enable the creation of new types of creative tools. The platform has received positive reviews from top creatives, including CBS, Redlab, Nick, Corridor Crew, R/GA, Mr. Beast, Vox, Google, Publicis, Pentagram, New Balance, Microsoft, Munhwa Broadcasting Company, Vaynermedia, Ogilvy, Harbor, and NY Yankees. Runwayml also includes resources like Runway Research, Runway Studios, Runway Academy, educators, system status, and resources. The company has a Code of Conduct and Terms of Use in place to protect its users' privacy and security.



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