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Inworld is a platform that provides developers with the tools to create rich, interactive AI characters for various applications. These AI characters go beyond large language models and are equipped with safety, knowledge, memory, narrative controls, and more. Inworld allows developers to integrate these characters seamlessly into real-time applications with optimization for scale and performance. Use cases include gaming, brand marketing, education, and training. Inworld offers multiple resources, SDKs, and integrations to help developers deliver the best user experience and storytelling. Pizza and prizes are available to those who host an Inworld hackathon. The platform offers $50k grants to those who want to integrate AI characters into their applications. Inworld has received praise from tech experts, creators, and industry leaders including Nate Mitchell, co-founder of Oculus, and the Disney Accelerator team. Inworld's privacy preference center allows users to customize their information settings.


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