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BuzzSprout is a podcast hosting platform that offers easy and powerful tools to help creators successfully launch and distribute their podcasts. The platform provides free learning materials, including podcasting guides, courses, and industry podcasts, to offer everything podcasters need to get started. BuzzSprout also offers remarkable customer support, with over 1,000 5-star reviews and an excellent customer service team. With BuzzSprout, podcasters can create and publish episodes easily, with robust analytics, list their podcasts in all major directories and have access to monetization tools. The platform is trusted by over 100,000 podcasters who rely on BuzzSprout for hosting and distribution solutions. Additionally, BuzzSprout offers visual soundbites and magic mastering tools to help podcasters create high-quality audio content. Lastly, the platform is certified by The Podcast Standards Project, a grassroots industry coalition focused on creating standards and practices that improve the open podcasting ecosystem for both listeners and creators.



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